979RENT is excited to offer our new tenants cable and hardwired internet.

Please note the following:

  • You are not obligated to purchase additional “upgradable” services from Suddenlink.
  • If you decide to purchase additional services, it should be prorated as your unit includes free cable and hardwired internet (see below).
  • You can rent a wireless cable modem from Suddenlink ($10/mo) or purchase your own (roughly $50-$100). We recommend purchasing your own as a new modem would pay for itself in less than one year.
  • We recommend doing the installation yourself (follow the instructions below) to save money. Suddenlink will charge you a fee to come out and do the installation.

Monthly Services included for your unit are as follows:

Suddenlink HD SL200 Video Package.

50 Mbps Download / 5 Mbps Upload High-Speed Internet Access.

Below is important information pertaining to the needed equipment within your unit:

TV: Each TV must have an HD DTAset top box (or any other digital box from Suddenlink) connected to view our digitally encrypted video services. You may rent them from our office at 4114 E 29th St, Bryan, TX 77802 (currently $3.50/month for the HD DTA; price subject to change).

Internet: Each unit will need a DOCSIS 3.0 (or greater) high-speed Internet cable modem to use the high-speed Internet services. The modem may be rented from Suddenlink (currently $5.00/month, subject to change) or you may provide your own. If you desire a wireless connection you may rent a wireless cable modem from Suddenlink (currently $10.00/month, subject to change) or provide and manage your own wireless router.

If you’re renting a modem from Suddenlink, please visit their retail store at 4114 E 29th St, Bryan, TX 77802.

If you’re providing your own modem, please call Suddenlink Technical Support at 866-229-8750 so the modem may be provisioned to work in our system. A list of compliant modems can be found here: http://help.suddenlinkcom/internet/Pages/CompatibilityList.aspx

For additional information or to place an order for additional services, please call Suddenlink at 1-888-822-5151, visit www.suddenlink.com , or visit their local office at 4114 E 29th St, Bryan, TX 77802.

** Important information relating to any equipment or upgraded services. Please read the below information carefully **

If you have opted for additional services or rented any equipment from Suddenlink, please follow the Steps below upon move out:

Call us at 888-822-5151 to close your account and disconnect the additional services you’ve ordered.

Please return any additional equipment you’ve rented from Suddenlink to the Suddenlink office at 4114 E 29th St, Bryan, TX 77802.